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Courses and Events

We run a variety of courses throughout each year, from kids holiday clubs to instructor courses, you can browse the information and dates below.


If you are a member of a club or group that would like a course running on specified dates, or,

If you would like to book onto any of the courses, please give us a call on 01285 860086



Kids British Canoeing Courses


Paddle Power Start - 1 Day £60

An introduction to paddlesport, we run this as a one day course with sessions in kayaks, canoes and paddle boards to give a broad overview of the whole sport. This is run as fun day with lots of games and getting wet whilst still teaching the basics. This is also the introductory step on the Paddle Power ladder.


Paddle Power Passport - 2 Days £120

A two day course designed to give a comprehensive view of the basics of canoeing and kayaking. Aimed to be the foundation on which all further coaching will be built upon, this qualification is the equivelent to the adult 1* course.


Paddle Power Discover Training - 3 Days £180

The discover course is designed to develop and hone the skills learnt in Passport and learn to apply them to dynamic situations, this qualification is the equivelent of the adult 2* course.


Paddle Power Discover Trip - 1 Day £60

As part of the discover course you must complete a river trip, we run this on a local river in either canoes or kayaks.



Adult British Canoeing Courses


1 Star - 2 Days £160

The Foundation step of the British Canoeing Syllabus, we use both canoes and kayaks and by the end of the course you should have a solid understanding of manouvering a kayak and paddling a canoe tandem.


2 Star Training - 2 Days £160

This is designed as an improver award to support the development of fundamental skills, this will be completed in a mix of craft to ensure your understanding of the relationship and interaction of boat, paddle and water.


2 Star Assessment - 1 Day £80

As the 2 star is a development from 1 star we offer the option for some time to practice what you have learnt before assessment, alternatively the training and assessment can be run back to back.


Foundation Safety and Rescue Training - 1 Day £60

This course is recommended for anyone who is taking to the water in an sunsupervised environment or looking at moving towards the instructing side of paddlesport. It covers rescue protocols, boat to boat rescues and emergency procedures for a sheltered water environment such as a lake or canal.



British Canoeing Coaching and Leadership Courses


BC Paddle Sport Leader Award Training -

British Canoeing's new award allowing the leadership of a mixed fleet along a journey in sheltered conditions. Ideal for leading social trips, club groups or supervising duke of edinburgh.


BC Paddle Sport Leader Award - 1 Day Assessment TBC

Although training is available this is designed as a direct access award, the assessment will be run with a live group with a mix of different craft looking at a range of rescues and group control


UKCC Level One Instructor - 4 Days £250



UKCC Level Two Coach Training - 4 Days £250



UKCC Level Two Coach Assessment




First Aid


16 Hour Remote First Aid




Private Instruction and Coaching


We can run private lessons for any level of paddlesport from very first introductions or learning to eskimo roll right up to apirant river leaders.

These sessions are tailored for you in all manners from duration to subject,

if you are interested in a private lession give us a call on

01285 860086 or email info@cwphire.com