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We welcome Open water swimming at Cotswold Water Park Hire.


Our swimming is only available for those training for events or who enjoy long distance swimming.

You must be happy to swim 400m unaided (16 lengths of a standard pool).


We have a slightly un-orthodox set up which allows us to offer swimming all the time we are open, this sets us well apart from the competition as typically you can only swim early or late.


For 2019 Our set up consists of two triangular courses set one inside the other, this is seperated from the hire by a line of buoys. We haven't laid the course yet but we aim for it to be 1km and 600m


As with our boat hire, our Swim season runs from the Easter holidays until the end of September each year.


Our 2019 opening times are:


From the 6th April swimming will be available 7 days a week 9:30-4:45pm


From the 1st of May the times are as follows:


Monday          - 9:30–16:45

Tuesday         - 9:30–19:45       (late)

Wednesday    - 9:30–16:45

Thursday        - 9:30–19:45      (late)

Friday             - 9:30–16:45      

Saturday         - 9:30–17:00

Sunday           - 9:30–17:00


Other than the late nights, the gates will be locked at 5pm.

On the late nights we will lock up as close to 8pm as possible.




This season we have simplified our memberships to two options.

Pay as you go and unlimimited swimming.


Pay As You Go

£5 each time you swim, simple as that.

On your first swim you will have to pay £10 as a 'Club Fee'. This goes towards admin and ongoing site improvement.


Unlimited Swimming

£100 - Swim any time we are open from 6th April to 30th Sept.

Swim 20 times or more in 6 months and you benefit.






All swimmers must complete a form before swimming.


For any more information on any of these please contact swimming@cwphire.com


For any updates to our swimming please join the 'Lake 86 Open Water Swimmers' group on Facebook


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