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SUP Yoga


In the 2016 season we ran our first beginners SUP Yoga sessions and we are very excited to be bringing it back this year, we saw a large number of people from different backgrounds take part and enjoy the blend of two sports, often only having experienced one or the other previously, some of course having done neither.


Very popular in America SUP yoga is becoming a big element of the fast growing paddle board craze due to a number of reasons: the immense relaxation felt during yoga is increased while floating in a natural environment in a cool breeze or mid sunset, also while simply standing on the board your body is experiencing a work out just by simply balancing, even down to the tiny movements in your toes and feet, of course as soon as you begin the Yoga poses this increases the intensity of the work out greatly. If nothing else, also, if you get too hot you can just jump in!


SUP Yoga will be returning in May at least one evening a week, Time and Day TBC but updates will be posted here and on Facebook



















Kids Camps


This Summer we will be running a number of Kids Camps, these will be non-residential multi day courses either 1,2 or 3 days long offering our range of paddle sport activities. With all the courses the participants should be awarded a British Canoeing certificate (or two) by the end of it.


1day Camp (PP Start)

2day Camp (PP Passport)

3day Camp (PP Start + Passport or Discover pt1)


Dates are TBC, updates will be posted here and on Facebook or you can register interest by emailing us

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