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What Do We Do?




It won't take you long on our website to realise we do boat hire, lots and lots of boat hire... Mainly because we are good at it, a quick run through of the important skills to enjoy the experience and then off you go to, well experience it!


School Groups

We pride ourselves on building a love of watersports with all groups that come to us. To help this we have developed a really strong programme with 3 of the local schools consisting of an hour and half session every week for nine or ten weeks. This means that the students dont get worn out tired and cold, enthusiasm stays high and by the end of the course they are good, not just good for Kids. Good full stop. So much so that we now sign them off using the British Canoeing Personal performance awards rather than the kids version.


Team Building

Another of our favourite sessions, the opportunity to raise some excitement and push a team's comfort zone. We've got a load of options from incorporating watersports skills in Canoes or on Paddle Boards to the industry standard challenges laid out in a field. All of our options have our own twist to make sure it isnt quite something you have experienced before. Quite often found to be equally useful at the start of a college course and the final throws of year six as in the office at work. We work closely with a number of colleges in the area assiting in the first few weeks of the different courses to break the ice, create some cohesion and build friendships and banter.



Super low ratio, normally 1:1 or 1:2, short sessions mean you can have exactly what you want and get the attention you need whether its rolling a kayak or first foray into paddle boarding. You will never be disapointed with a session with us as all our coaches are deeply enthusiastic about what they do, if they weren't, they wouldnt work here!


SUP Yoga

Since we trialled it 3 years ago it has been on of our most popular classes, now run by Kathy Marston, every week the groups come off the water, relaxed, giggling or a mixture of both.

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