Opening Times 2022

April (from the 2nd)

9am-5pm   Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

8am-5pm   Tuesday and Saturday


9am-5pm  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

7am-8pm  Tuesday

9am-8pm  Thursday

7am-5pm  Saturday


9am-6pm  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

7am-9pm  Tuesday

9am-9pm  Thursday

7am-6pm  Saturday

September (until the 25th) 

9am-5pm  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

7am-6pm  Tuesday

9am-6pm  Thursday

7am-5pm  Saturday


8am-3pm Saturday and Sundays

8am-3pm Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th, Friday 28th.