Being a seasonal company, recruitment is something we are fairly practiced at.

We have two roles available each year both running from Easter - end of September however we are typically flexible enough to fit start and end dates around the summer holidays for school, college and University.

We tend to end up holding interviews through the Easter break, if you are interested in applying for a job please email us your CV to



Working on the sharp end, you'll be taking bookings by phone, email and in person. Meeting each of our customers as they arrive, helping them decide what to hire and getting them signed in. On top of this you will be the driving force behind keeping the senior staff organised. You will be expected to have sarcasm and sass in bucket loads and a good sense of humour.

Hire Staff

Its a hard job spending the summer by the water, outdoors in the sun with a group of friends... but it can actually be a hard job looking at a que of 100 people waiting for buoyancy aids, briefs and launching shortly before getting them in and doing it again... Our staff are the strange people that not only do this but enjoy it, laughing, joking and sharing their infectious enthusiasm.

As well as this we can provide training to British Canoeing standards as instructors and coaches if this is  a path you look to go down.

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