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Corporate Days & Team Building

A truly versatile site offers the opportunity to fit whatever your plan: ground space with a stunning view, a central location with easy accommodation options, a chilled day on the water with exclusive use.

Since we began Team building has been one of the elements we have excelled in and as we have matured it has improved and grown with us. We specialise in both the high end corporate events and small scale Team building. Often we are the organisers of large, multi-provider events, utilising our close relationships and lifetime of local knowledge.

Onsite we can provide a range of Team building exercises, challenges and lateral thinking puzzles including Raft building, Instructed Water sports sessions, Land based problem solving and Survival Skills Scenarios. We also have worked closely with a couple of specialised companies as we are the only venue in the Cotswold Water Park that has the ground space to host large scale events.

Each year the sport department from Swindon college joins us for a day of team building as an ice breaker for the students beginning the course, this is typically around 50-60 students split into a morning and an afternoon, each group typically enjoys 2 hours on the water of raft building or paddle boarding before heading back to college.



We had the pleasure of Burges Salmon Solicitors join us for team building in 2019 with around 100 participants, before they joined us we gave them 14 options of activities for everyone to pick two of, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. These ranged from Yoga to kayaking and Water colour painting and Rafting to a Cotswold Walk (spaniels included) finishing in a Cafe. They enjoyed exclusive use of the site and Tea, Coffee and cake were available throughout the whole day, Picnic Buffet lunch on site and then off for a Carribean BBQ and bar at our favourite Eatery locally.

Premier Inn have joined us on a couple of occasions now, both with the most seniors from the business and with staff from our local hotels, each of these times they have enjoyed a similar set up, a morning of land based problem solving and lateral thinking puzzles that awards a budget with which the team's raft must be built with for the afternoon's challenges! Each time there are 15-30 participants keeping the atmosphere highly competitive and lots of interaction both within the teams and between them.



Newton Europe brought us 200 of their sharpest minds, as the majority of the company works 24/7 deployed across the world they have some spectacular socials, this was no different.

In the same vein as how we ran the event for Burges Salmon we asked them what activities they wanted but didnt set the boundaries... on the day we had two coaches and two mini buses shuttling the groups around the Cotswolds. Shooting, horse riding, bushcraft, walks, watersports, bike riding, mini Triathalon, assualt courses and rally driving were all available options. followed by Dinner at the hotel before heading to the evening venue.


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