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Our swimming is only available for those who are happy to swim 400m unaided, without stopping (16 lengths of a standard pool). You must be at least 18 years of age.

Our set up consists of two triangular courses set one inside the other, this is separated from the hire by a line of buoys. These two Triangles are 800m and 400m.


To swim you will have to have a bright swim hat or tow float and be either a member or registered and booked for PAYG in advance.

(link below)

Opening Times for 2024

April (from the 1st)

9am-5pm   Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

7am-5pm   Tuesday and Saturday


9am-5pm  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

7am-8pm  Tuesday

7:30am-8pm  Thursday

7am-5pm  Saturday


9am-6:30pm  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

7am-8pm  Tuesday

7:30am-8pm  Thursday

7am-6:30pm  Saturday

September (Including the 1st Oct)

9am-5pm  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

7am-6pm  Tuesday

9am-6pm  Thursday

9am-5pm  Saturday

We do have some closed dates displayed here

Our winter 23/24 opening times are:



With extended opening from 8am-3pm through October at weekends and the school holiday 23rd-27th Oct

Membership comparison
2023 24 Swim Membership Options pdf.jpg

For any updates to our swimming please join the 'Lake 86 Open Water Swimmers' group on Facebook.

We are really excited to announce our SWIMPODIUM Timed Swims running on the first Wednesday of June, July and August this year.

Timed swims are one of our most anticipated events each year offering the most commonly competed distances, chip timing, for the seasoned athlete; a very rare opportunity to practice mass starts and swimming in close proximity to others. As well as an awesome and supportive atmosphere for maybe your first ever swim event.

400m - 750m - 1500m - 1900m - 3000m - 3800m

Booking online essential, available up to 45 minutes before the start.

No membership required.

Booking available here

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