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Kids Camps and Activity Days

We spent a lot of our childhoods playing in lakes, now we offer the same opportunity with supervision and coaching, really allowing a young generation to become very skilled quickly in a range of water sports.

Throughout the school holidays we run sets of individual days and 2 day camps for anyone 8 years old and up, we normally run these back to back to allow joining them together for extended experiences.

As well as these pre-set dates, with enough notice, we can run these any time mid week as we only require a minimum of two participants.

Previously our camps have been based around British Canoeing courses so that within all the playing the kids achieved a meaningful qualification. Following from this we have now introduced our survival skills and snorkelling day, while not following a syllabus this day is built around problem solving and life skills.

BC Start Award - 1 day £60pp
30th May, 24th July, 9th August, 21st August
 A 'taster' session in Kayak, Canoe and Paddleboard, learning how to control the craft through playing loads of games and making links with transferable skills.

BC Discover Award - 2 day £120pp
31st May- 1st June, 25th & 26th July, 7th & 8th August, 22nd & 23rd August
Taking the basics skills in Kayak, Canoe and Paddleboard and making them stylish and accurate. Making sure we are the ones choosing where we want to be rather than the craft deciding.

Snorkelling & Survival Skills - 1 day £60pp
No dates yet
Half a day of learning the basics of snorkelling from fitting mask and fins, swimming (or finning) technique and exploring the lake in a way most have never seen it.

Our survival skills are run dynamically, adjusting to the weather and group, it'll typically include: shelter building, fire starting, water collecting and filtering, food preparation, and improvised first aid.

Give us a call on 01285 860086 or pop in to book.

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