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About Us

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We started halfway through the 2014 summer season, 2nd week of August. The build up to opening had been incredibly cloak and dagger due to a series of delays and the fact that a number of our instructors were still employed by nearly all of the other local water sports providers...

This is exactly why we started, having worked for a number of years in the Cotswold water park and having spent a childhood playing in the area it was painfully clear how difficult it was to turn up and play in or on the water.

Our mission: to make it easy and accessible for the public to experience, enjoy and develop a passion for water sports in a safe and natural environment.


Since the beginning we have held the phrase 'Do better' closely, when recruiting we look for individuals with a drive to do better. Each season we ask ourselves if we did that again what would we do better. After lessons, events, activities we consider how, next time, we will do better.


 While our aim and experience was unique, it was difficult to identify why our boat hire was different to anyone elses and we quickly defined ourselves completely accidentally by simply being nicer people. This was mostly due to the majority of our staff originally being recruited from friends or friends of friends making our staff team a very close, excitable bunch and now even as we add to it season on season our lake family grows.

My favourite part of the little hire lake we have created is the fact we see the same families and individuals week after week, all for their own reasons but we have become part of their habit.

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