Boat Launch Membership.png

If you have all your own equipment its easy to launch with us, book a two hour slot, come down, make the most of the time on the water and head home tired and happy!

This season we are pleased to be able to offer an unlimited launch membership, click here for more details.

We cannot hire any equipment so you must have all of your own kit including buoyancy aids for everyone.

For 2022 - Inline with all the paddlesport governing bodies - we will now be requiring EVERYONE to wear a PFD or Buoyancy aid whilst on the water regardless of age or leash.

We are still unable to hire these out to craft launchers.

To keep things simple we are only charging £10pp on the water.

Remember, anyone not on the water will have to wait at the car.

We will be operating within government guidelines throughout the season, ensure you are following the release responsibly, failure to do so will result in your booking cancelled.

The craft must be fit for purpose. Paddle boards must hold your weight (not bend in half when on it) and shouldn’t be carrying more than 1 adult and 1 young child or 2 children (maximum rated capacity).

Below you can book your slot and we look forward to seeing you, (we are sorry that the number of people appear as 'items').

We have created a Facebook group for those of you launching or interested in launching with us called "Lake 86 Craft Launchers"

By booking below you agree to all the above points.